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Faculty and Staff of Franklin Elementary

Administration and Office Staff

Principal Joseph Galie (joseph.galie@uasdraiders.org)
Guidance Kelsey Andres (kelsey.andres@uasdraiders.org)
Secretary Jillian Nickelson (jillian.nickelson@uasdraiders.org)
Security Allen Zimmerman (william.zimmerman@uasdraiders.org)
Nurse Christie Grimm (christie.grimm@uasdraiders.org)



Kindergarten Cory Dolan (cory.dolan@uasdraiders.org)
1st Grade Lori Kadar (lori.kadar@uasdraiders.org)
2nd Grade Ashley Abraham (ashley.abraham@uasdraiders.org
3rd Grade Beth Morgan (beth.morgan@uasdraiders.org)
4th Grade Michele Provance (michele.provance@uasdraiders.org)
5th Grade Terri White (terri.white@uasdraiders.org)
6th Grade Tammy Majoros (tammy.majoros@uasdraiders.org)
Learning Support Tina Richter (chrystina.richter@uasdraiders.org)
Paraprofessional Susan Zitney (angel.clark@uasdraiders.org)
LPN Tammy Jones (tammy.jones@uasdraiders.org)
LPN Summer Whitaker (summer.whitaker@unasd.onmicrosoft.com)
Library Melissa Woods (melissa.woods@uasdraiders.org)
Art Gary Evans (gary.evans@uasdraiders.org)
Music Jessica Higbee (jessica.higbee@uasdraiders.org)
Computer Joy Karpiak (joy.karpiak@uasdraiders.org)
Gym Sara Yantko-Allison (sara.allison@uasdraiders.org)
Speech Chelsea Adler (chelsea.adler@uasdraiders.org)
RTI Heather Mazur (heather.mazur@uasdraiders.org)
Gifted Leslie Yarish (leslie.yarish@uasdraiders.org)



Stephanie Springer (stephanie.springer@uasdraiders.org)
Bobbie Tush (bobbi.tush@uasdraiders.org)


AM: John Truskey (john.truskey@uasdraiders.org)
PM: Peggy Martin (peggy.martin@uasdraiders.org


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